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I am a landscape and adventure photographer. 
I moved on to Scotland in 2013. 

I started to hillwalking the Munros but climbing was just around the corner. The feeling of more adventure was increasing by time.  Now I divide the year into two seasons: Rock climbing- Winter Climbing.

Photography passion came later. I realised that I cannot miss anymore a stunning view. 
The places here are so inspiring that I still say every time I am out in the Highlands: " This country is incredible" I really mean it, I could spend hours admiring the light over the mountains.

If I could I would spend all my days discovering Scotland. Looking for new more routes to explore, challenging myself with more difficulties and capturing every breathtaking moment. My camera sticks with me either on a sunny day or in shitty windy/ white-out/ blizzard weather. 


Mountain Tales by women



HND Photography

Edinburgh College

2018 - 2020

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